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The Texas Black Sports Hall of Fame (TBSHOF), housed at the African American Museum, was established to chronicle the sports history contributions made by African Americans. It was established in 1996 to honor coaches and athletes of high character and athletic achievement, who are either Texans by birth or by athletic participation (collegiate or professional), and who have made recognizable contributions to African American culture and/or history. The general public submits the nominees, and a panel of judges (including sports/media journalists) makes the final selection.

Prices:Tickets begin at $100; Sponsorship available.
Location:Sheraton Hotel Dallas, 400 N. Olive Street, Dallas, TX 75201.
Contact:Carol Huntley Little
Email:little 822@aol.com
Phone:214-565-9026,ext. 326

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The Center for African American Church History (CAACHR)and Research began in 2000 and is dedicated to sharing Black Church History, especially Church Of God In Christ.

Food:Lunch included:
Location:African American Museum.

The Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra (SJCO) is one of the nation's oldest contemporary majority African-American community orchestras. Formed in 1983 under the umbrella of Community Music Center of Houston (CMCH) by its Music Director, Anne Lundy, its mission is to share music written by Black composers with communities which historically have had limited access to orchestral works. THE SJCO has performed mainstream works such as Handel's Messiah but black composers and traditions are its focus. In 1986, CMCH's Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration orchestral performance of Free At Last grabbed such public attention that it served as the theme of Dan Rather's CBS News cast that day. In 1991, CMCH presented the first major Juneteenth concert to be held indoors at Houston's Wortham Theater. In 1995 the daughter of William Grant Still who is considered to be the dean of African-American composers so appreciated CMCH that of all the national 100 birthday, she chose to celebrate his birthday with a workshop and a performance of his music performed by CMCH's Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra. Other notable performances include accompanying pop superstar Beyoncé as she sang the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXXIII.

The Scott Joplin performance will be held at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Dallas, Texas.

Prices:$10 for adults; $5 for seniors and children under 12 years of age
Info:Tickets are available in The Lassiter Emporium at the African American Museum. Group rates are available.
Contact:Sheila Robinson
Phone:214-565-9026, ext. 301
More Information:Scott Joplin Fact Sheet

The Science of Arts Summer Camp at the African American Museum will engage students in the creation of art projects through the lens of science, problem solving, and research of African and African American history.

One six week comprehensive camp period will be offered by the museum. To guarantee maximum and high quality learning, enrollment will be limited to 50 students. Students will develop skills that support their academic growth and learning goals such as team building, strategic thinking, project planning and execution. Three central objectives of The Science of Art Camp are:

1)  To provide an environment where young people can discover and utilize the resources and collections at the African American Museum

2)  To connect the imbedded principles of science, technology and art to cultural identity and expression

3)  To create and launch the Science of Art blog to interact with their peers throughout the Diaspora providing information, art work, original stories and news about their work that connects them to young scholars and artists worldwide.

Ages 8-15 - Scholarships available

To apply for the summer camp, parents should click on the following summer camp application link.

The Rodeo, a more than 25 year institution in Dallas, serves as a unique family entertainment outlet and features over 300 African American cowboys and cowgirls competing for $25,000 in prize money. This fast-paced sporting event is also an educationally enlightening experience that provides many of its almost 8,000 viewers with their first glimpse of the historical contribution that African Americans contributed to the settling of the western United States.

Tickets can be purchased in The Lassiter Emporium, African American Museum, 3536 Grand Avenue in Fair Park, prototype.aamdallas.space, Rodeo Volunteers, and Ticketmaster.

Admission: $10 Reserved Seats $25 Box Seats