We truly believe that the success of our Museum depends on our volunteers.

We offer excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to strive and flourish in the research and consultancy industry, focusing on their professional as well as personal development. Our distinctive environment offers careers that are exciting, challenging and rewarding. We encourage our people to learn, experiment and grow - for both their own personal benefit and the museum's.

The marketing intern must be passionate about creating ideas, marketing, communications, and the the arts industry. Candidates pursuing an education in the arts, marketing, communications, or business are strongly preferred. Candidates will work directly with the Marketing Director to curate, execute and market online and off-site creative events. Candidates will assist with day-to-day tasks in the marketing and media/sponsorship departments. Candidates' main focus will be determined by the Museum. This is a college credited internship; if approved through the university/college.
Expected Duties include:
Marketing, event planning, and promotions with a heavy emphasis on marketing through online platforms, i.e. the creation of website content; participation in brainstorming for potential events with the team; the digitalization of editing and booking of the events calendar; research and development surrounding the existing exhibitions, shadow event and marketing department staff, offer input into projects, attend meetings, and may be asked to assist other departments.
Requirements and Qualifications:
High school diploma with some course work at an accredited 4-year college or university.
Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel and experience with html is a huge plus!
Ability to follow instructions and also work independently.
Some evenings and weekends may be required.
Apply: Please include resume in PDF format. All candidates will receive college credit and valuable experience within the arts industry.

The ICO will play a key role in conceptualizing and implementing an integrated Institute communications strategy and determining how key messages are transmitted to be most effective in delivering the message of AAM. The ICO will support the AAM in reshaping the Musuem's identity in relation to its memberships and in serving as a strong public presence for the AAM message in the traditional and non-traditional media by cultivating new external audiences. The ICO will interact with the marketing, publications, social media, communications, and other departments in this collaborative effort.

IT Volunteers

Each day our world creates new technology: devices, apps, and services. Which means new ways to do things, new ways to connect, new things to learn. While each holds the promise of helping us get more done with less effort, they also can become one more thing competing for our scarce time and attention.

We are looking to hire mathematically minded people who have the talent to analyze and derive meaning from data, as well as those who know how to deploy techniques of machine learning. We work with a diverse set of technologies, including deep learning, probabilistic programming, large-scale learning, and causal reasoning. For scientists who’ve got algorithmic ability, this skill set can be the ticket to one of the hottest jobs on the market.

They’re responsible for production code quality and service performance, and accountable for automation of test cases to enable flighting. These engineers can evaluate requirements, estimate costs, design, implement, validate and measure to understand the quality of the end users’ experience. They can improve engineering processes, assure quality, communicate status, and manage risks.